Mik and Maria Kane worked at a weekly publication in Cape May County when they first met Andrea Lippi. He would visit them once a week to submit poems for his poetry spot, Captain Lippi's Quarter Deck. Always coming in with a pleasant disposition and showing a genuine dedication to his work, Maria and Mik knew then that this man was someone special.

Maria always told Andrea how much she admired his poetry. To Andrea's surprise, one day she handed him a few of his poems bound together in a booklet. Little did he know, later on they would write the book, Passions of a Poet.

The couple decided to move out of state and they lost contact. When they heard about Andrea's passing, they got re-acquaintance with his wife, Ketty who had been categorizing Lippi's poetry and original pictures for years.

After many telephone conversations, Ketty expressed her desire to share Andrea's work with the world. They decided to combine Andrea's poetry, along with a history of his travels around the world and Passions of a Poet was born.

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