“Andrea Lippi was one of the most colorful people of our time and place in history.  A spirited man, if you will, Andrea chose to create his own life rather than have it created for him.  He lived his dream – far from riches and monetary goals – but towards personal fulfillment and humanitarian efforts.

Born in South Philadelphia in 1918 of Italian descent, Andrea became a poet the night his father died in 1951.  Words started to flow from his soul onto paper, and at that moment, he felt his calling.  When most of us would contemplate finances, Andrea turned his back on a successful business career, and at the age of 33, changed the way he would spend his time.”

Those are the first two paragraphs of the Introduction in Passions of a Poet – a book just released in Cape May County and the surrounding areas.

Everybody that knew of Andrea Lippi remembers his charismatic personality. If you didn’t know him, Passions of a Poet will give you an inside look at this man and what made him tick. This 240-page book is full of pictures, stories and poems of his adventures from his 30’s and through the later years of his life. Andrea’s adventures are sure to spark your own memory of different places and events in history. For instance, he was the first man in line to cross the Delaware Lewes Ferry on its first run on July 1, 1964. On the first scheduled ferry run from Cape May to Lewes Delaware, Andrea spent the night in his brand new 1964 1/2 Mustang just to purchase the very first car and passenger tickets.


Passions of a Poet is a book about the interesting life of Andrea Lippi. He was very interesting to chat with and very surprising in a crowd when he could instantaneously recite a very spontaneous and appropriate poem - which he was composing as he spoke. No hesitation, no revision, and perfect rhyme and content. He never skipped a beat. He certainly had a God-given talent to capture the prevailing moment. I concider myself lucky to have been able to share unforgettable moments with Andrea.

-- Malcolm C. Fraser
Mayor of Cape May Point and friend of Andrea

After reviewing the book, Passions of a Poet, written by Maria Kane, I was thrilled with its content; not only with the short and to the point wonderful poems of Andy's, which always carried a message, but also with the photographs that recorded the historical moment, which were compiled by Mik Kane. Having known Andy for many years, he never missed an important event whether it was local, statewide, national, or even international. His interests covered a wide spectrum which makes the book appealing to such a variety of People - especially those who knew him in South Jersey. It was for that reason that while I was Mayor I made him "Poet Laureate" for Cape May and bestowed upon him the title of "International Ambassador" for the City of Cape May. It is a book that one will read, enjoy, and buy additional copies to send to friends.

-- Robert W. Elwell, Sr., former Mayor of Cape May
and history columnist for the Gazette-Leader

Here I am on my delightful porch beside the sea
In the wonderful town of Avalon, New Jersey.

It is here that I have learned so much history
From a man who shared his love of the sea.

He took me to places far and wide
His lovely so often at his side.

Many places I knew for they were near
In the days of old during my youthful year.

A truly great American, an ambassador was he,
Who is greatly admired by people like me.

Thank you dear Catherine or is it Ketty
For sharing your love, Andrea Lippi

-- Dorothy Hordubay

Dear Catherine,

Wow! The book is inspirational. Andrea was such an ambassador of good will and I was lucky enough to have met the two of you. Thank you so much for the book. I will be able to see you soon I hope. I'll be leaving to go to Florida to see family. I will bring the "Passions of a Poet" with me so they can enjoy it also. See you soon.


P.S. It is just so special and loving how you carry the torch. He is very much a part of you.

-- Janet Osborne
A Personal Friend of Andrea & Catherine Lippi

A la memoria del gran valedor del espíritu de la poesía, Andrea Lippi.

Las estrellitas del cielo siempre cumplen con su misión. Una llegó hasta Belén, otra a los barcos guió y otra el corazón de mi amigo Andrea iluminó.

-- Francisco (Málaga, 13-2-07)

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