The book, Passions of a Poet is the true story of Andrea Lippi: poet, author, world traveler, radio/TV personality and humanitarian. He lived the last 46 years of his life in Cape May County, NJ. He was well known in the community for his friendly nature, his poetry and his eccentric personality, and was even appointed Cape May Poet Laureate and International Ambassador in 1999 by Mayor R. W. Elwell.

A man with a pen in his hand, he wrote about things that were important to him, and keeping himself in the public eye, he shared his message through his poems. His poetry reflects his patriotism and his love of the sea, while his actions prove his enduring faith and interest in the world around him.

In the prime of his life, Andrea was writing poetry, owned and published two newspapers and had a weekly TV program of art, travel, poetry and people. He traveled around the world numerous times, stopping off at the most interesting places, sharing his poetry and promoting his country. He collected pictures and film to make interesting reading and storytelling to the people around him. His energetic personality and his enthusiasm for life left a lasting impression on those who met him. His motivating story of perseverance, dedication and drive are sure to inspire you.

Passions of a Poet is more than a poetry book – it is an account of different events in Andrea’s life told through pictures, his poetry and his own accounts. This book holds a glimpse of what inspired Andrea and who he was as a person.

Andrea Lippi was a man who came to know and love the sea and the world through his poetry. He always professed “these poems are given to me to give to others.” His legacy will continue to be the thousands of poems that will enlighten, educate and endure for years to come.


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